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New Solar-Powered Bitcoin Miner Launches Operations Despite Difficult Market


New Solar-Powered Bitcoin Miner Launches Operations

A new bitcoin miner has begun operating at a 6 MW solar-powered facility in western Colorado, despite the present bearish market for cryptocurrencies. The mining operation of Aspen Creek Digital Corporation (ACDC), which was established in January of this year, is housed within a 10-megawatt solar farm. According to a statement provided to CoinDesk, the company intends to start with bitcoin mining at its data center and eventually provide computing services to other companies.

The S19 bitcoin mining rigs will be operated by the Colorado data center, which will also house a 75,000 square foot R&D and fulfilment center. For ACDC’s future computing infrastructure, the facility will act as a centralized center for testing, maintenance, storage, and training. The new miner enters the market as existing miners struggle to remain viable due to the decrease in cryptocurrency prices, hashrates near all-time highs, a constricting capital market, increasing power costs, and supply chain concerns.

CEO Alexandra DaCosta of ACDC stated that the company was able to acquire enough money in advance to buy the necessary transformers and switchgear for 240MW of capacity.

The CEO further said that “We wanted to make sure that we had the appropriate infrastructure on hand to build out our first phase. So for our projects, now we have more than enough.”

ACDC is also creating bitcoin mining facilities in Texas in addition to the Colorado data center. Its second project is a 30MW data center with 10,000 ASIC miners that are co-located behind the meter with an 87MW solar farm and is expected to be operational this summer. A 150 MW data center that is also positioned behind the meter beside a 200 MW solar farm makes up a third project.

While the miner’s activities will be run entirely on solar power, they will still be wired into the grid so that they have the option of sending power back to it. DaCosta responded that her company had already completed the procedural requirements for its second site and is currently carrying out the necessary work for its third site in response to questions regarding the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’s (ERCOT) most recent requirement that new large-scale miners obtain permission before connecting to the grid.

The decision to use solar energy as a power source comes as more miners explore using renewable energy sources for their operations as politicians examine miners’ energy consumption throughout the world. 

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