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Consentium – The New Sensation in the Crypto Chat-App Arena- After a Successful ICO, Consentium Proudly Launched its Beta Version on Android


Consentium’s Blockchain based Chat App has instantly created a new paradigm in the way people use chat applications to interact with each other in ways not possible before.

Singapore, August 7, 2018 – Consentium sent shockwaves through the world of Chat Applications with the release of its Blockchain Based Beta Android version of the most anticipated chat application to hit the Crypto World in quite a while. It is clear to all who have reviewed this unique chat application that things will never be the same. The features and benefits of Consentium’s Chat App have made headlines all over the Globe.

Consentium has introduced the World’s First Chat App and Community that rewards users for their participation. Their ingenious ecosystem is based around their CSM Coin which is Ethereum Based. Integrated into this App users will discover: A Top-Level Encrypted Crypto Wallet designed for highly secured CSM, BTC & ETH transactions. Transfers to other Consentium users can be sent directly from a chat window or just by entering the receiver’s name. To send transfers to other wallets, users can scan a barcode or enter a wallet address. Real-Time Rewards enable users to earn CSM coins as they connect, build and engage with communities. Chat with other users, create groups and explore popular channels.

During a recent interview, a company spokesperson elaborated on their ground-breaking chat application, “For the first time ever, Consentium empowers content creators and tech-savvy individuals to connect with other users by building groups and monetizing their group followers.

This chat feature allows users to regularly communicate with each other, create groups, join channels, send photos, files, audio messages, and even crypto transfers. Texts and recorded audios can be sent as normal messages or be set to self-destruct within seconds, allowing for enhanced privacy settings.”

Very few ICO’s can boast the speed at which their Native Coin has been accepted and listed on an exchange with the credibility of HitBTC and CMC Markets. The innovative Community Monetization Model (CCM) algorithm rewards everyone for transacting and cultivating strong in-app groups.

Some of Consentium’s Chat App Features Include:

  • 1-TO-1 CHATS: Individual users can create, share and produce unique content via 1-to-1 chats with other users.
  • GROUP CHATS: Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, and Tech-Savvy Super Users can leverage and monetize the chat platform more effectively by reaching out to bigger communities and influencers.
  • CHANNELS: Individual Users and Influencer Groups can create, share, and actively promote content to build different interest channels for both personal and business use.

With over 25,000 subscribers and growing interest for the Consentium app amongst crypto influencers, the demand for the CSM token is increasing exponentially. Consentium has announced that their new Chat App is now LIVE with its first beta available for download in the Google Play Store.

For complete information, visit Consentium at: https://www.consentium.net/

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