FortFC ICO decreases the minimum investment amount 10 times for three days

[ad_1] AdvertismentFrom 21 to 23 November 2018 FortFC holds #ToTheMoon Sale again and the minimum investment amount will be decreased from 500 EUR to 50 EUR at 50% discount. More detailed information regarding the promotion can be found on the official sale page: tothemoon.fortfc.com. This is the second similar promotion – at the beginning of November FortFC has already launched #ToTheMoon Sale giving its clients the opportunity to participate in

What is NeuronX? – The Bitcoin News

[ad_1] AdvertismentNeuronX is a data-processing platform which is able to forecast the daily cryptocurrency rate changes with the accuracy about  75%. The platform ressembles a neural network based on the principles of artificial intelligence and machine algorithms. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies, own data networks characterized by the unique logic of data processing and analysis, NeuronX offers a reliable information and trading recommendations on cryptocurrency pairs for the

Public vs Private Blockchains; Ernst & Young’s New Blockchain Prototype

[ad_1] On October 30th, Ernst & Young (EY) announced a world-first for distributed ledgers. Called the Ernst & Young Ops Chain Public Edition, the company created a new blockchain prototype that combines the security of the public ledger model with the privacy of the private ledger model—thus a private blockchain. It does this by using zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology on the public Ethereum blockchain. The result, it claims, is a network that

Introducing the World’s First Proof of Location Protocol by Platin

[ad_1] AdvertismentThere is usually a sense of security whenever we hold or spend real cash. This quality seems to be absent when using cryptocurrency transactions. Many pundits may not want to admit it, but the truth of the matter is that cryptocurrency’s intangibility is one the reasons the general public hasn’t really come around to the idea of using or spending digital money. Despite all the hype and information put

GBMS Tech Announces Launch Of Accumulus Threat Shield (ATST) ICO Backed By Next Gen Unified Cyber Security Platform Built On The Blockchain

[ad_1] AdvertismentAs computer hacking and viruses become more and more prevalent, all computer users will need protection to prevent data breaches and viruses. It’s not just the big corporations at risk any more, but also everyone and anyone that uses a computer and stores sensitive data. GBMS Tech is launching a complete cyber security platform that aims at preventing hackings and threats before they happen, instead of curing the problem.