Newest episode of ‘the Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ involves enormous Bitcoin bounty

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, a new Marvel Cinematic Universe program on the Disney+ streaming platform, included a Bitcoin (BTC) bounty into its newest episode.

In episode three, “Power Broker,” among the characters gets a text message which reads: “Selby dead. 1K BOUNTY for her killers.” The reference, which drops around the narrative’s half method mark, is timely provided Bitcoin’s continuous bull market. Sometimes of publication, 1,000 BTC equates to around $58.8 million USD.

The referral occurs around 24 minutes into episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.Reddit user Okitraz1986 spotted the Bitcoin recommendation, and published their findings(along with a screenshot)on Reddit’s r/Bitcoin online forum on Friday, saying: “Idea it was cool, figured I ‘d share. Mind you this was a lot cooler like 5

years ago back when i got into the bitcoin area however still good to see we’re advancing into cultural touchstones. “Unfortunately, the story still reveals Bitcoin being used in an underworld-esque manner

, rather of as a property for public investment– which would perhaps be a more apt use case, if not quite so thematic. Over the years, Bitcoin has discovered it difficult to shake its reputed connections to wicked activity, in spite of increasing legitimacy as a shop of value similar to gold. In late 2020, another TELEVISION program called Shameless also included Bitcoin and Ethereum recommendations in one episode. Published at Fri, 02 Apr 2021 19:56:34



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