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Spaceseven’s Game-Changing NFT Market


Spaceseven’s Game-Changing NFT Marketplace

height=” 675″ src=” http://investincryptocoins.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/BNvgqk.jpg “class=” story __ img article __ poster “alt loading=” lazy” > press release NEWS RELEASE. Just recently, on the 23rd of November, SpaceSeven introduced its cutting edge NFT market. The SpaceSeven market is the very first of its kind– among the few– if not the only scaled e-commerce, fully regulative compliant platform.

By integrating effective NFT market technology from Tacans, a Swiss-based Software application advancement house, and Venture Home builder, with an R&D center in Ukraine and the lead Concordium blockchain platform, SpaceSeven accomplished a world-class NFT Marketplace that is expected to fundamentally change artists’ direct exposure and acknowledgment.

With the Concordium blockchain platform, SpaceSeven has the ability to offer substantially lower gas charges– literally a portion of the cost of Ethereum or other proof-of-work procedures– and at the exact same time facilitate deal speeds that are 10 times quicker.

Loaded with numerous game-changing features like ‘Universes’ that provide special experiences through exclusive tailored galleries, SpaceSeven is unquestionably redefining NFT marketplaces as we understood them. The marketplace enables users to quickly add NFTs from multiple networks and supports payment utilizing crypto and credit cards.

Who lags SpaceSeven?

SpaceSeven is a multi-blockchain NFT marketplace developed by Tacans with Concordium as its primary blockchain. Unlike other blockchains, Concordium is a Reg-DeFi-centric Layer 1 blockchain with an ID layer at the procedure level and quick and real finalization. That indicates Concordium can deploy a privacy-centric KYT style that secures legit users but at the exact same time, it can revoke the anonymity of specific transactions if required for safety reasons.

Concordium’s distinct ecosystem has actually empowered Tacans, the venture builder, to launch SpaceSeven, an NFT market that is really sustainable, secure, and regulatory-compliant.

Lars Seier Christensen– Co-Founder & & Group Chairman of Concordium and SpaceSeven

” I have actually been a financier, collector, and lover of art for several years. I have never seen a greater chance for innovation, reaching brand-new purchasers, brand-new innovative formats, and extra income streams for galleries and artists than the existing advancement in the NFT market. SpaceSeven is our contribution to this historical chance.”

What Problems Does SpaceSeven Resolve?

With Concordium as its primary chain, SpaceSeven struck the ground running with solutions to conquer the primary challenges in the industry.

Regulative Compliance

Designed with a built-in user identity layer at the procedure level, Concordium ensures that a user’s identity is validated and every transaction is trackable. Nevertheless, its Zero-Knowledge Proof design makes sure 2 parties can communicate and negotiate without revealing unclaimed information of the counterparty.

Low and Fixed Costs

Concordium’s deal costs are distinct and do not connect to the worth of a possession. Rather, they are repaired and backed into the protocol. The proof-of-stake design integrated with reward mechanisms ensures that transaction expenses remain low and repaired.

Carbon-Net Neutrality

With Concordium’s proof-of-stake model that takes in small quantities of energy compared to other blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin, SpaceSeven is proving to be among the most environmentally friendly NFT marketplaces.


For much better security against fraud, Concordium deals are designated an encrypted ID. Furthermore, with Concordium’s two-layer agreement design, SpaceSeven remains safe if cybercriminals pirate less than 50% of its stake.


SpaceSeven aims to lower entry barriers to the NFT market for digital artists, creators, and stars. The game-changing features noted above have made it possible for SpaceSeven to establish a safe, affordable, easy to use NFT platform where all developers can mint and sell their NFTs at a fixed cost or in an auction.

Wallet Integration

SpaceSeven will offer support for CryptoX Wallet in our NFT marketplace platform. This wallet will help with the CCD token, Concordium’s native token.

How to Gain access to SpaceSeven?

Our platform is available for users worldwide. To mint, purchase, or offer NFTs on the SpaceSeven NFT market, visit our website.

Innovative Collaborations

Get In Art Fair 2021

Get In Art Fair 2021 recently signed a partnership with SpaceSeven. The world-renowned art fair based in Copenhagen has more than 61 galleries, each minting one NFT. ENTER Art Fair intends to push beyond the confines of creative conventions and explore ingenious platforms. This ambition fits completely with what SpaceSeven means. Over 61 galleries took part in this occasion. Each gallery chooses just one of their top-rated artists to mint and sell a premium NFT on the SpaceSeven NFT marketplace. The event was held between August 26– August 29, 2021.


NFTs are now a worldwide phenomenon and the launch of an NFT video game with the involvement of celebs in Ukraine is raising excellent interest in the nation. DOROFEEVA, among the top Ukrainian pop vocalists, whose tracks remain in the top charts of digital platforms, fashion influencer, blogger is the very first one to join the platform. On the 27th of November, she will present the video game being developed on the marketplace at The Conference.NFT together with SpaceSeven in Kyiv.

About SpaceSeven

SpaceSeven is the world’s very first NFT marketplace constructed on the eco-friendly and extremely efficient Concordium blockchain as its main chain. SpaceSeven enables artists to mint NFTs at low costs, display their operate in exclusive universes, and sell them easily.

Media Contact

Business: SpaceSeven AG

Contact: Philip Mostert

Email: media@spaceseven.com!.?.! Site: https://spaceseven.com Site Authorities Telegram Channel Statement Channel

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