Dogecoin price could rally 20% in July with this bullish reversal pattern

[ad_1] Dogecoin (DOGE) looks ready to extend its rebound move despite the current crypto bear market.79% chances DOGE will extend its rebound moveDOGE’s price appears to have been painting a bump-and-run-reversal (BARR) bottom since May 11, a technical pattern that points to extended trend reversals in a bear market. It consists of three successful phases: Lead-In, Bump and Run.The Lead-In phase sees the price consolidating inside a narrow and sideways range,

Ethereum liquidity provider XCarnival negotiates return of 50% stolen ETH

[ad_1] XCarnival, a liquidity provider for the Ethereum ecosystem, recovered 1,467 Ether (ETH) just a day after suffering an exploit that drained 3,087 ETH, worth roughly $3.8 million, from the protocol.Blockchain investigator Peckshield noticed the XCarnival hack as it came across a stream of transactions that eventually bled 3,087 ETH from the protocol. Explaining the nature of the exploit, Peckshield stated:“The hack is made possible by allowing a withdrawn pledged