Swiss Blockchain startup Dfinity receives over $ 195 million

[ad_1] The blockchain project with its registered office in Zug attracts additional investors. Dfinity wants to build the foundation for Internet services. Two years ago, blockchain startup Dfinity set up its foundation in Zug Switzerland. Now the project gets going. This week, various institutional investors have committed $ 102 million to Dfinity. In essence, the project aims to build a powerful public block chain for business applications. Dfinity speaks of
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Now you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on Yahoo Finance

[ad_1] Cryptocurrency adoption has gotten a new dimension now that Yahoo Finance has integrated the buying and selling of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC) on its platform. In March, the Japanese arm of internet giant Yahoo said it will open a cryptocurrency exchange “in April 2019 or later.” Yahoo Japan was going to buy 40 percent of BitARG Exchange Tokyo in April, and immediately dispatch executives to lay
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High Bitcoin hash performance for Bitcoin price hike to $ 28,000?

[ad_1] Bitcoin hash performance reaches new highs and significant growth in August The Bitcoin hash performance continues to rise despite the price slump, reaching another record high this week. The crypto network of the most popular digital currency by market capitalization is getting stronger every day. Bitcoin hash performance rises to over 62,000 PH / s The bitcoin hash performance (the computing power of the Bitcoin network) reached 62,000 PH

Battle Lines Drawn Ahead of Scheduled Hard Fork

[ad_1] Controversial and untrusted figure in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community Cobra Bitcoin may prove to be the saving grace for the network’s future, after a highly contentious dispute between Bitcoin ABC and nChain threatens to split BCH into competing chains ahead of a scheduled hard fork in November. Cobra, the anonymous owner of Bitcoin.org and previous critic of Bitcoin Cash, announced the Cobra Client hard fork in a Medium

The Mt. Gox Redemption: Heading Toward a Happy Ending?

[ad_1] The story of the infamous cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox seems to be taking a twist that could bring a relatively happy resolution to one of the most dramatic episodes in the short history of digital money. As the gates are now open for the Japan-based exchange’s creditors to file rehabilitation claims, chances are that most of the roughly 24,000 bereft patrons will eventually get their funds back and even
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Fomo3D jackpot was cracked – The Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Although it is a Ponzi scheme, Fomo3D is one of the most popular Ethereum applications (DAPP). The winner was pleased to receive several million US dollars worth of ethers. However, he himself will have invested a lot to crack the jackpot. The goal for Fomo3D is to be the last to send Ethereum to a Smart Contract before the clock expires. Each new deposit will extend the clock by
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Gazprom Neft – first aircraft refueling on the blockchain

[ad_1] Refueling an aircraft requires a lot of correspondence: calculation and registration of the required amount, request and approval of the refueling process and correspondence with the responsible banks – as made for a blockchain use case from Russia. Gazprom and Blockchain Gazprom Neft and Russian S7 Airlines have successfully fueled an aircraft on Blockchain. This was done with the help of Smart Contracts. The jointly developed Smart Contract platform
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IOTA becomes the new protocol standard of industrial giant Fujitsu

[ad_1] The Japanese technology group Fujitsu has decided to introduce IOTA as the new protocol standard. The IOTA Foundation tweeted an opinion from Leopold Sternberg, the responsible program manager at Fujitsu: “Fujitsu is well positioned to help launch IOTA as the new protocol standard because we are experts in both IT services and IT product manufacturing.” The initiative is titled “Industry 4.0 Co-create with Fujitsu”. Leopold Sternberg explained that the

Chinese Crypto Bans on WeChat Accounts, Events, and Exchanges: What Happened and Why

[ad_1] This week, the government of China has cracked down on crypto-related WeChat accounts, blockchain events and digital asset exchanges, solidifying its negative stance on cryptocurrency trading and the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market. WeChat ban and PBoC’s warning against ICOs On Aug. 22, Cointelegraph reported that WeChat, China’s biggest messaging app that has over 1 billion active monthly users, banned the accounts of cryptocurrency investors, users and businesses. At the time, Lanjinger, a

SEC U-Turn on ETF Rejection — A Balancing Act for Adoption?

[ad_1] It’s been an interesting couple of days for a number of exchanges which were hoping to get the green light to launch various Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). On Aug. 22, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) released its verdict on nine separate ETFs submitted by three applicants, ProShares, Direxion and GraniteShares. The move denied the trio permission to move ahead with plans to launch their respective products. ProShares