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ForestONE Coin Tokenized Using Blockchain Technology Under Stellar Consensus Protocol



Island, Singapore
– Feb 8th
2019, ForestONE Coin
commences today via online as it
opens its platform to access the advantages of digital currency
while adopting the blockchain technology. Being knowledgeable in the core
banking and finance technology industry, ForestONE was developed by
incorporating the blockchain technology, with the vision of empowering the
advocates of cashless society to transact with peace of mind, using the
technologically advance Stellar Consensus Protocol.

With the trust and confidence demonstrated by
IBM and Deloitte in adopting the Stellar Consensus Protocol, similarly the
adoption of Stellar by ForestONE reinforces the strong value proposition in
which the Stellar protocol offers. As such, ForestONE is confident that the
public’s acceptance and understanding towards digital transformation will be
enhanced. It also provides a secure platform for
the cryptocurrency fraternity and offers institutional investors greater

Mr. JP Chin, Chairman of ForestONE, believes
that ForestONE can help unfold simple solutions to the everyday spending needs
of society, through innovation and being fearless of disruptive technologies,
which can be leveraged by those willing to embrace the simple use of technology.
Mr. Chin reiterated, “ForestONE is a Platform that empowers the Next
Generation Loyalty Reward Program, which is driven by Community Spending”
He further adds “ForestONE is so simple to use, yet it can be mind blowing
when you realise how many lives it can transform, just by using the smartphone
from the palm of your hand!”

In 2018, after almost 10 years of Research
& Development and strategic planning to build a comprehensive ecosystem,
ForestOne had initiated the execution of a pilot program with mobility
technologies and localised program offerings to a target market segment
beforehand. The immense success and popularity of the pilot program, which
involved over 5000 merchant outlets with over 100,000 product SKUs and
participated by over 50,000 user bases, has encouraged ForestONE to plan and
implement an improved, state-of-the-art ‘Blockchain’ backbone
driven technology, to drive the future of the ForestONE platform for its
continued expansion to a wider market. It is with this established foundation
that ForestONE has embarked onto the journey of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
with Forest1Coin.

ForestONE seeks to expand
geographically to the entire South and Southeast Asia, Europe, and to the
Middle East in the next few years with the goal of becoming one of the largest
cashless platforms and to position itself at the apex of the league.

The ForestONE Team brings together the best of both IT and Finance
Professionals with almost a hundred years of combined industry experience and
spearheaded by dedicated blockchain evangelists with impeccable track record of
successful projects. The unparalleled combined knowledge of the organization
will undoubtedly propel this ICO into another stratosphere, positioning it onto
an incomparable stature of what the ICO fraternity has ever seen before.

The ICO Pre-Sale
is expected to begin in March of 2019 with only 600,000,000 tokens available
for purchase. After Pre-Sale closes, privilege pricing will no longer be
available and can be purchased only after trading commences on the exchange
during the public sale phase.


ForestONE Network Technology Pte. Ltd.
Singapore Island, Singapore
[email protected]


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