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Nodis, the gamified platform for online marketing and influencers



NODIS platform and the Challenge program

The platform proposed as a solution to the
mismatches and difficulties in the social network market by NODIS aims to solve
the problematic points of social network marketing through the “Challenge
program”. In the platform proposed by the founding team, companies can
post a challenge on the platform for people to participate. It can be something
like “taking a selfie in front of a store and publishing it on social
networks”. Once the requested challenge is submitted for review, platform
users can vote if it fulfills the challenge criteria.

Both, approved participants and voters on the
majority side will be rewarded with NODIS tokens. NODIS tokens can only be
purchased by GAS tokens from the NEO block chain during their 2 sales phases.
The platform’s native tokens are designed to be redeemed for vouchers of
products/services in Nodis.io. Therefore, there will be cases of use and
utility. In essence, it is the unity of exchange of the ecosystem from day one,
and it is planned to generate new use cases through incorporations and future

Agencies and brands want to work with social
network influencers, usually to develop their marketing strategies. Influencers
provide freshness to not-so-fresh brands; in turn, they are constant and tend
to have good audiences. The fact that they are people related to the target
client of the promotion, concludes that they know how to dialogue with their
audience. Therefore, by being active in social networks, they have earned
reputation and trust among their followers. In short, they achieve the goal of
helping to connect with the user.

The role of influencers with Nodis in a digital
natives age

It is a fact, nowadays the role of the
influencers creates a rapprochement between the brand or product and the final customer.
Closeness is part of the marketing strategy that underpins the role of
influencers. Interacting with followers, showing empathy, closeness and
similarity with them is something that has revolutionized the global online
sales model. Thousands of cases can be found on social networks. For this, that
the influencers have established communication skills is indispensable.
Therefore, creating trust links between the parties feeds an environment of

On the other hand, knowledge is necessary; attached
to communicative skills offers a sustainable story to communicate. This also
makes it easier for the client to receive correct and undistorted information.
Nodis provides an ecosystem where stakeholders come together. Creating a
promotion closer to the consumer. Whether it’s wellness, health, technology or
a digital creation… it’s important that all parties maintain a solid base
version. Nodis provides an ecosystem in which the
community and advertisers come together generating synergies and empowering

In a digital age where influencers have multiplied, Nodis will provide a tailored environment backed by the NEO blockchain; where influencers play an essential role by participating in the materialization of campaigns in various ways. Users will be rewarded both for creating content and for successfully reviewing content published by other users. In this way, content review is decentralized and the parties involved are empowered through rewards.

sale of the NODIS token and final product development details

After the first round of funding, it is
expected that in June a minimum first version of the product (MVP)can be checked. The proposed
initiative is to acquire sufficient funds for 1 year of expenditure to develop
the final product. With a minimum collection set at $358,140 (soft cap) up to a
maximum of $880,000 (hard cap). Each NODIS token has been valued at 0.1105 GAS.
In this first phase, all the necessary capital for the first year of operations
would be grouped, including:

  • Salary of the principal members to
    work full time
  • Additional recruitment of junior
    developers and marketers
  • Marketing initiatives, workspace,
    equipment, legal and other operating expenses

During the second round of funding, and after
completing the final product, the raised fund will allow Nodis to operate for
up to 4 years without the need for any further capital. The planning outlined
in the Nodis documents proposes a model of medium- and long-term stability for
all parties. Therefore, the expectations of the founders in the medium to long
term are for stable growth in the users and customers base. For more details
about the sales phases and the NODIS token, we recommend reviewing the Whitepaper).

The distribution of the NODIS token programmed
for a decreasing and proportionately fair emission

A supply limit of 100 million tokens is set,
of which 20,000,000 are available for initial sale. However, although the
amount made available to investors is low (20%), it is compensated by a high
percentage in the distribution to users who are members of the platform.
55,000,000 NODIS tokens (55% of the total) will be distributed to those who
complete and review the challenges or tasks of the Challenge program.
Therefore, a large part will be distributed gradually depending on the activity
of the platform and the users. 10% of the distribution will be reserved for
marketing and other initiatives that maintain an active interest in the
platform. Nodis uses a working test concept in which the tasks mentioned above
will be rewarded in proportion to the remaining tokens to be issued.

The allocation rate will start at 55 NODIS
tokens for each task. 80% of the reward goes to the Challenger Challenge (44
NODIS tokens). For voters who form the accepted majority (approved), 12% of the
shared rate (6.6 NODIS). And thus completing 100%, 8% will go to the majority
that has rejected a Challenge submission (4.4 NODIS). As the supply of
circulating NODIS chips increases, the emission rate will decrease
proportionally to ensure a gradual protection of the symbolic value. The
calculation of the decrease is [Remaining Tokens to be emitted divided by 1
million] and can therefore be expected based on the remaining reserves.

Example of NODIS tokens distribution using the
designed proof of work

For example, if the total reserve for issuance
is 55 million tokens, 55 NODIS Tokens are allocated for each Challenge
completed. This is the result of applying [Remaining Tokens to be issued,
divided by 1 million]. As it decreases with the issuance by new Challenges
compled, if we assume that the issuance reserves fall to 53 million, then the
issuance rate per completed Challenge decreases to 53 NODIS Tokens. All
calculations are done in real time, as the reserve decreases because the tokens
are assigned to users based on their activity. In the example provided above,
an early scenario is observed with all the NODIS tokens of the Challenge
program to be broadcast.

How to buy NODIS Tokens on the official website


If you want to know in more detail how to participate in
the acquisition of NODIS tokens you can visit the official website,
documentation or social networks that we share below.

Web – https://nodis.io/













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