What did Satoshi Nakamoto think about ZK-proofs? – Cointelegraph Magazine

[ad_1] From privacy coins to shiny iris-scanning orbs, zero-knowledge proofs have become synonymous with crypto, scalability and privacy. In 2022, investors gave over $700 million in funding to companies pushing the envelope with zero-knowledge proofs. This year, ZK-proofs has arguably become one of the biggest blockchain trends, with several major Ethereum scaling protocols hitting mainnet. ZK-proofs are a cryptographic protocol that allows one party to prove the truth of a
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Doge Uprising ($DUP) Announces Presale Launch: A Trailblazing Crypto Project Uniting Manga, Web3, Smart Staking, and NFTs

[ad_1] AdvertismentBoston, Massachusetts, October 19th, 2023, Chainwire Doge Uprising ($DUP) is a brand new crypto presale set to make its mark in Q4. This project stands out from the crowd with its unique features. Its detailed roadmap paints a vibrant picture of a Web3 universe enriched by an exclusive NFT collection and an interactive manga series. Doge Uprising’s Defiant Rise in the Memecoin Revolution 2023 has been a fantastic year