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Microsoft enters $100M partnership with Canadian agency after quantum breakthrough


Canadian quantum computing agency Photonic has emerged from stealth to boost $100 million for its all-silicon quantum computing platform. Among the many buyers is new associate Microsoft, who will co-develop quantum networking options with the startup.

The funding and partnership come as quite a few specialists within the trade laud Photonic’s novel method to quantum computing as a “breakthrough” for the sector.

Photonic’s approach entails constructing quantum computer systems utilizing silicon spin qubits with a spin-photon interface — in different phrases, a pc that makes use of qubits made of sunshine to carry out quantum computations on silicon {hardware}.

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In quantum computing, a qubit is analogous with a binary laptop’s bits. Nevertheless, whereas a binary, or classical, laptop can solely carry out calculations utilizing ones and zeros, a qubit can faucet into unique options of quantum physics referred to as “superposition” and “entanglement.” These quantum states permit qubits to compute in a means that will resemble a binary bit having the ability to use ones, zeros, ones and zeros, neither ones nor zeros, and different even much less intuitive combos.

A spin qubit takes issues a step additional by including electron spin. And, by creating a qubit with a photonic spin interface in an all-silicon {hardware} resolution, Photonic believes it has discovered the lacking piece of the puzzle on the subject of quantum computing.

Stephanie Simmons, founder and Chief Quantum Officer of Photonic, says the corporate expects to carry a fault-tolerant, fully-functional, quantum networking system to market as early as throughout the subsequent 5 years.

Per Simmons, the partnership with Microsoft will assist to facilitate that timeline:

“We’re extremely excited to be partnering with Microsoft to carry forth these new quantum capabilities. Their intensive international infrastructure, confirmed platforms, and the outstanding scale of the Azure cloud make them the perfect associate to unleash the transformative potential of quantum computing and speed up innovation throughout the quantum computing ecosystem.”