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Coinbase and BlackRock work on their own Bitcoin ETF

[ad_1] BlackRock is one of the pioneers in the ETF market and a heavyweight in global finance. The company manages more than $ 6 trillion worth of assets. Since the development of the crypto market did not leave BlackRock without a trace, the company also has its own blockchain department. As Business Insider reports, Coinbase is working on its own crypto ETF and wants to get support from BlackRock. As
Bitcoin News

easyMINE the best cryptocurrency mining solution for bear market

[ad_1] Our software engineers constantly work to implement the most effective optimization solutions, in order to keep mining profitable even in a bear market. A complete operating system and remote management platform, it is the perfect tool with which to delve into—and succeed in—the world of cryptocurrencies. What makes easyMINE different? We want our platform to be accessible to everyone, which is why we put a lot of emphasis on

The Japanese, Swiss and American Experience

[ad_1] Free and fair elections are one of the pillars of healthy democracies. From the United States to Sierra Leone, advocates of blockchain believe that the technology can bring a new level of transparency, fairness and efficiency to the electoral process. In spite of the enthusiasm of the blockchain community — and tentative support from political bodies — attempts to implement the technology have enjoyed mixed success and have faced