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Relax … the next rally will be bigger than you can ever imagine

[ad_1] Despite the current bear market and pessimistic market sentiment, there are many interesting developments over the next 18 months that could trigger another bull run. The improvements to the Bitcoin infrastructure seem to be happening at a pace that has not yet been seen in the crypto space. So far, the Bitcoin course has not responded to the fundamentals … yet. Despite the market sentiment, there is hope There

What Is the Most Crypto-Friendly Travel Destination?

[ad_1] Backed with continuing adoption, crypto holidays have become a reality. At this point, flights and hotels all around the world can be booked with Bitcoin (BTC). Still, some cities are more ready to accept your BTC — and major altcoins — than others, depending on the local infrastructure and crypto-related policies.According to data from Coinmap, currently there are around 13,150 venues, shops and ATMs supporting Bitcoin on the planet,