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Streaming Platform for Gamers Starts Public Beta Testing of Its Own Blockchain


On Sept. 19, the Play2Live streaming platform for gamers and esports fans has officially announced the launch of the open beta testing of their blockchain streaming platform to the general public.

The new blockchain platform aims to let participants benefit from monetization schemes — involving streamers, viewers and esports tournament organizers. As Play2Live told Cointelegraph earlier, “Everybody can be part of the peer-to-peer interaction, and everybody,  even the viewer, is able to earn money.”

Gathering gamers and influencers

As the company reported to Cointelegraph, on Aug. 15, the access to the testing phase was first granted to media representatives and accredited streamers in order to check the operational capacities of the platform’s basic functionality. Two days later, any interested participant will be able to join the beta testing phase.

According to Play2Live CEO Alexei Burdyko, some developments of the new blockchain platform have never been used in esports before:

“In the opinion of the leading experts, one of the interesting benefits of the project includes the possibility of buying and earning LUC tokens directly [on] the platform’s website,” he commented in the official press release.

The coins can be used for implementing different monetization options, including donations, voting and for assigning special tasks to streamers, according to the official announcement. At the same time as the closed beta test was announced, Play2Live started the LUC tokens buy-back. From 10,000,000 to 100,000,000 LUC are redeemed by the platform itself from the exchanges at a price of up to $0.05 for 1 LUC during two months, starting from Aug. 15.

In order to accelerate the delivery of content from the streamer to the viewer, the creators of Play2Live have implemented Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology on the platform. The CDN increases the upload speed of video, software, game and other digital content in various system access points.

The project team also developed a neural network that is able to monitor over 200 streams simultaneously without requiring huge amounts of computer resources. The team has implemented algorithms for real-time monitoring of streaming videos, recognition of complex objects and video content. The neural network is responsible for the fulfillment of assigned tasks as well.

Another component of the beta is the testing of the multicasting functionality. At different stages of the launch, several hundred streamers will be connected to the platform and will be providing content for the most popular games. This functionality will be used for broadcasts of esports tournaments.

Blockchain security issue

According to Play2Live CTO Vladislav Arbatov, the streaming platform has become safer with the blockchain. “Thanks to the immense computing power, unpretentious software and distributed architecture, the CDN is extremely resistant to DDoS attacks, which are the most common means of hacking projects,” he said.

The company reports that the new blockchain supports 10,000 transactions per second, plus cryptographic keys. “Thus, Play2Live will be the first platform in the world that uses compact devices to provide information protection to the user and ensure the safety of their identification,” commented Arbatov.

The team is continuing to invest in their security protocols, Arbatov added. Play2Live is also asking testers to send feedback to help.p2l.tv, aiming at further development.

Play2Live already has vast experience in international competitions, as the company organized the “CryptoMasters” games in Minsk from Feb. 24 to Feb. 25, 2018. It was the world’s first large-scale esports tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, in which the winners received a prize equivalent to $100,000. Competitions were broadcast on the MVP-version of the Play2Live platform in seven languages.


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