Paradigm and Pace Capital Backs DAO Management Platform Network in $5M Seed Funding Round

[ad_1]  Dework, a startup that aims to be a combination of Trello and LinkedIn for Web3, raised $5 million in a seed funding round co-led by crypto investing giant Paradigm and early-stage venture capital firm Pace Capital. According to the founder and CEO of Dework, Lonis Hamaili, “The fresh capital will help Dework expand from its current three-person core team and several contributors.” In a draft blog post provided

The fight between Musk and Jackson Palmer: Dogecoin’s Parents

[ad_1] Tech guru and billionaire, Elon Musk is in a deadlock with Jackson Palmer, co-founder of Dogecoin (DOGE) over a tweet from Palmer that Musk could remove Twitter bots via a simple coding technique, and also implied Musk has no technical knowledge of coding. The argument between the two DOGE parents surfaced on social media two days after Musk agreed and announced to accept DOGE as a channel to pay

Blockchain tech creates new opportunities for LGBTQ+ people

[ad_1] A number of social gatherings have started to take place in the Metaverse as companies across the globe begin to understand the value that virtual interactive environments can have for consumers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that Pride Month — a month-long celebration held in June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots — will be celebrated in various metaverse environments this year. Pride in the Metaverse creates open

Scott Melker on defying the odds with crypto trading – Cointelegraph Magazine

[ad_1] Scott Melker, better known as The Wolf of All Streets, is a trader and crypto advocate who is far more approachable than his online handle might suggest. A former DJ, Melker operates a small crypto advocacy empire spanning YouTube videos, podcasts and a popular newsletter.Scott Melker is open about his initial intentions in the crypto industry. “I simply came to trade and make money,” he admits, getting involved after

How does volatility effect well-being?

[ad_1] The crypto world is well known for its volatility. Especially in the early days, digital assets experienced wild price swings, gaining or losing double-digits in the course of a day. It appears that the current bear market is no exception to this trend. While wild price swings provide opportunities to make gains — if you’re lucky enough — the volatile behavior of digital assets can pose a threat to the