Regulations will establish higher standards in crypto

[ad_1] As the struggle for regulatory clarity down under rages on, Binance Australia’s CEO Leigh Travers thinks that such a framework will prove the crypto industry “holds itself to a higher standard” than many believe.Travers spoke with Cointelegraph on Tuesday about the current state of local crypto regulatory efforts and how the opportunities available in the industry are restricted by the lack of clarity. That lack of clarity was cited

Ripple counsel slams SEC for trying to bulldoze and bankrupt crypto

[ad_1] Ripple general counsel Stu Alderoty has slammed the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for trying to “bully, bulldoze, and bankrupt” crypto innovation in the U.S. in the name of expanding its own regulatory territory:“By bringing enforcement actions–or threats of potential enforcement–the SEC intends to bully, bulldoze, and bankrupt crypto innovation in the U.S., all in the name of impermissibly expanding its own jurisdictional limits.”Alderoty shared his views

Almost $100M exits US crypto funds in anticipation of hawkish monetary policy

[ad_1] Institutional investors offloaded $101.5 million worth of digital asset products last week in “anticipation of hawkish monetary policy” from the United States Federal Reserve, according to CoinShares.U.S. inflation rates hit 8.6% year-on-year at the end of May, marking a return to levels not seen since 1981. As a result, the market is expecting the Fed to take considerable action to reel in inflation, with some traders pricing in three

What Impact Will a Bear Market Have on Ethereum Merge?

[ad_1] A crypto bear market is characterized by falling prices and a significant drop in cryptocurrency market capitalization. This means that a bear market has occurred when the total value of all cryptocurrencies falls below $200 billion. Bear markets can last for days or months but always end with a bull run. This is where the crypto market's relative youth makes things challenging. Economists, analysts, and traders in the stock

Bitcoin has support at $23K, but analysts warn of a dire drop to $8K as global debt unwinds

[ad_1] Bitcoin's (BTC) month-long choppy price action came to an end on June 13 after a deep market sell-off pressed the top cryptocurrency under the $29,000 support. The move took place as equities markets also sold off sharply, hitting their lowest levels of the year. Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView shows that the Bitcoin sell-off began late in the day on June 12 and escalated into midday on June 13, when

Crypto users take to Twitter to lament the ongoing market downturn

[ad_1] Crypto traders and investors started out the week with a major shock to the markets. As assets across the blockchain industry went into a collective dive on Monday, users took to Twitter to voice their dismay (or in some cases jubilation) with the current state of crypto.Inflation, potential interest rate hikes, a looming recession, and yet another DeFi fiasco have all contributed to the current onslaught seen in markets

Scientists claim to have designed a fully decentralized stablecoin pegged to electricity

[ad_1] Researchers at the federally funded Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have combined statistical mechanics and information theory to design a class of stablecoin dubbed the Electricity Stablecoin (E-Stablecoin) that would transmit energy as a form of information. Livermore’s Maxwell Murialdo and Jonathan L. Belof say their innovation would make it possible to transmit electricity without physical wires or a grid and create a fully collateralized stablecoin pegged to

US trademark filing hints at Arizona State University planning classes in the Metaverse

[ad_1] One of the largest public universities in the United States by enrollment may be planning to launch virtual classes in the Metaverse in the future. According to records submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, on June 7 and June 8, the Arizona Board of Regents on behalf of Arizona State University filed seven applications for variations of its name — ASU, Arizona State, Arizona State

Bitcoin price falls below its ‘realized price’ but is it time to buy the dip?

[ad_1] On June 13, cryptocurrency prices plunged deeper into bear market territory after Bitcoin (BTC) sliced through its current trading range and briefly touched $22,600, its lowest level se since December 2020.According to BTC historical data, the market has now reached valuation metrics that show the price is severely oversold and perhaps near a bottom. Bitcoin has now fallen below its realized price, which represents the average price of every
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Optimism Loses 20M Tokens Due to Exploitation of L1 and L2 Confusion

[ad_1] The honeymoon period of the newly launched Optimism layer-2 scaling solution has been cut short after the market maker’s smart contract address was exploited. This exploitation has led to the loss of 20 million OP tokens. Although the exploit happened on May 26, it was only reported to the community recently. One million tokens valued at $1.3 million were sold on Sunday. In comparison, another one million tokens valued at $730,000