Central authorities have demonized privacy — Crypto projects must fight back

[ad_1] Zcash (ZEC), a privacy coin that launched in 2016, unveiled an upgrade to its system on May 31 that will allow users to more easily make private, trustless digital cash payments on mobile phones. Not everyone would view this as a good development.The unfamiliarity, uncertainty and public intrigue surrounding privacy — including its complexity, misuse and speculative activity — presents a number of challenges and reputational issues for innovating

The total crypto market cap drops under $1.2T, but data show traders are less inclined to sell

[ad_1] The total crypto market capitalization has been trading in a descending channel for the past 29 days and currently displays support at the $1.17 trillion level. In the past 7 days, Bitcoin (BTC) presented a modest 2% drop and Ether (ETH) faced a 5% correction.Total crypto market cap, USD billion. Source: TradingViewThe June 10 consumer price index (CPI) report showed an 8.6% year-on-year increase and crypto and stock markets

What are investment DAOs and how do they work?

[ad_1] What is an investment DAO?A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that raises and invests capital into assets on behalf of its community is an investment DAO. Investment DAOs tap into the power of Web3 to democratize the investment process and make it more inclusive. DAOs can have their units in tokens that are listed on a crypto exchange. The community rules are agreed upon and governance is enforced through smart

AXS price risks deeper losses despite 90% drawdown already

[ad_1] Axie Infinity (AXS) has dropped by roughly 90% after peaking out at $172 in November 2021.AXS's sharp correction has made it one of the worst performing digital assets among the top-ranking cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it could undergo further declines in the coming months, according to a mix of technical and fundamental catalysts listed below.Low player count dampens AXS demandTo recap, AXS serves as a settlement token within the Axie Infinity's