Things to Know About Axie Infinity

[ad_1]  Axie Infinity is a decentralized game and digital collectibles platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It allows players to breed, buy, sell, and train Axie creatures. The game revolves around trading and collecting digital creatures called Axies. Each creature has unique attributes such as size, color, markings, and more. These attributes are called "traits," They can be passed down to offspring when two parents breed together. The offspring will

Coinbase is facing class action suits over unstable stablecoins GYEN, TerraUSD

[ad_1] A class-action suit was filed against Coinbase on Thursday claiming the trading platform was negligent in its listing of the TerraUSD stablecoin and alleging that it failed to disclose its financial relationship with Terraform Labs. This is the second class-action suit outstanding against Coinbase. A suit was filed last month in connection with the depegging of GYEN in November. Thursday’s suit alleges Coinbase was negligent for failing to conduct due

Stablecoins highlight ‘structural fragilities’ of crypto — Federal Reserve

[ad_1] The Federal Reserve’s board of governors pointed to stablecoins as a potential risk to financial stability amid a volatile crypto market.In its Monetary Policy Report released on Friday, the board of governors of the Federal Reserve System said “the collapse in the value of certain stablecoins” — likely referring to TerraUSD (UST) becoming unpegged from the United States dollar in May — in addition to “recent strains” in the

5 indicators traders can use to know when a crypto bear market is ending

[ad_1] The bull market is gone and the reality of a long crypto winter is surely giving traders a bad case of the shivers. Bitcoin’s (BTC) price has fallen to lows not even the bears expected, and some investors are likely scratching their heads and wondering how BTC will come back from this epic decline. Prices are dropping daily, and the current question on everyone’s mind is: “when will the market