NFT pics are the funhouse mirror high-end art deserves

[ad_1] The funny thing about many of the absolutely insane things happening in the world today is that from a certain perspective, they actually make perfect sense. Take the famous brands buying metaverse real estate, for example. At first glance, it makes no sense at all. At second glance, assuming the user base of the respective projects grows over time, it’s like buying an ad banner on a website, just

Armstrong tweets in public airing of Coinbase’s internal discontent

[ad_1] A disgruntled Coinbase employee, identified only as 0x58E3, created a petition on on Thursday calling for the removal of three company executives. The petition, titled Operation Revive COIN, has been taken down, but it was captured by the Internet Archive and other websites. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responded to it at length on Twitter. Coinbase chief operating officer Emilie Choi, chief product officer Surojit Chatterjee and chief people officer

Here’s how blockchains are helping to advance the global energy grid

[ad_1] The blockchain industry’s impact on the energy sector has been a major source of controversy over the past five years. Governments and environmental protection advocates have routinely expressed concerns about the amount of energy required to keep the Bitcoin network secure. Data shows the network’s energy consumption now rivals the yearly energy consumed by some small countries.Historical Bitcoin network power demand. Source: CCAFWhile much of the debate has centered

Stablecoins are paving the way for mass adoption of crypto, June 2–8

[ad_1] Stablecoins are a controversial subject in crypto. Questioning the legitimacy and backing of Tether (USDT) is a right of passage for many entering the crypto market for the first time. The meltdown of the Terra (LUNC; or the old LUNA) ecosystem left little doubt that algorithmic stablecoins don’t have a future beyond Do Kwon’s fantasies. Pesky regulators are constantly poking and prodding at dollar-pegged assets to carve out firmer

Do Kwon’s alleged $80 million withdrawals before Terra fallout triggers mixed reactions

[ad_1] Reports that Terra (LUNA2) founder Do Kwon allegedly withdrew $80 million monthly before the project crashed surfaced Friday, leading members of the community to voice their opinions on the matter.In a tweet, crypto trader and analyst Michaël van de Poppe said that Kwon deserves imprisonment. He compared the Terraform Labs CEO to the infamous fraudster Bernie Madoff. “Honestly, he deserves jail,” Van de Poppe wrote. Twitter user DaisiObanla also