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Avaxfi, a Defi Lending Platform, Secures VC Funding From Zen Capital


Zen Capital is a crypto venture capital fund company that has quietly built a portfolio of promising companies. This crypto venture capital fund is led by a team of entrepreneurs and technologists who believe that the power of decentralized technology can change the world. One of the company’s goals is to work with blockchain entrepreneurs looking to build cryptocurrency platforms that will be relevant for years. Zen capital is a Limited Partner of Pantera Capital. Pantera Capital is the first US institutional asset manager focused exclusively on blockchain technology.

Zen capital has invested in many high potential Ethereum and Solana native projects in the crypto space, such as SolChicks, Mars4, SpellFire, Ertha, and Soldex. With the potential that the budding decentralized ecosystem is promising, the company is now trying to scale up the DeFi component of its portfolio and increase exposure to the Avalanche project by adding the lending platform, AvaxFi to their long list. After consultations, Zen Capital believes that AvaxFi is well-posed to disrupt the finance world and they are determined to be among the leaders in the space.

Lending money in the crypto world is so difficult and tricky as there are no central banks that regulate digital assets. Therefore, if lending can be done in traditional finance, it can also be done in DeFi. DeFi allows users to automate lending, borrowing and saving money in a trustless way. About $56 billion have been through DeFi protocols. Ethereum dominates the decentralized finance lending space with Ethereum-based platforms such as Aave instrumental.

This trend is fast changing as the DeFi market is now searching for cheaper, faster, and more scalable solutions in this Ethereum-dominated space. AvaxFi meets all these requirements and standards with its unique features, embedded scalability, and unparalleled capabilities.

“We are thrilled to lead the seed round for AvaxFi, an Avalanche native DeFi platform created to make your digital assets work for you, while also providing access to collateralized loans for those ignored by traditional lenders and grants financial inclusion for the unbanked in the developing world,” Tomas Martunas, Managing Partner of ZenCapital.vc said.

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